Direct Debit Information

Keep forgetting to pay your milk bill?

Not in when your roundsman calls and have to write a cheque?

Tired of getting reminders to make a payment?

Well we have the solution, Lucketts Dairy offers a Direct Debit collection to all of our customers.

Your monthly bill has dropped through your door again or swung by your email perhaps and for one reason or another you put it to one side and forget about it, only two weeks later our roundsman is knocking on your door with a friendly smile asking you kindly to settle your invoice. Sound familiar? Then you could really benefit from our Direct Debit payment option. If the direct debit option is right for you, fill in the details and return the form to us either via post, leaving for or giving to your roundsman or giving us a call. For us to be able to collect from your bank in the current month we MUST have your completed form back before the 18th otherwise your mandate will be processed and set up for the following month.


We are now able to offer a direct debit sign up online. You don’t even have to put pen to paper. Simply log in to your account on and click on the cog in the top right-hand corner, the drop-down menu should appear and you can then click on ‘Register Direct Debit’. Fill in your details and relax knowing your payments are managed and hassle-free.

What does the Direct Debit function do?
Chances are you already use one of these to pay your Gas & Electric, Water, even car insurance. Well now you can pay your milk bill much the same. Each month you will receive a bill for all the products you have received, you then have roughly 5 days to peruse this bill to make sure it is correct and that you agree with it, if you are happy, that is your part done! We will then ask our service provider (BottomLine) to contact your bank on our behalf and five days after you received your bill, we will request the amount on the invoice you have received. Easy!

Is it Secure?
One of the main questions we get asked is “Are my payments secure?”. Well let me put your mind at ease, whether you pay over the telephone with your debit/credit card, online via our website, via BACS or you choose to use our new Direct Debit function, your details are NEVER stored by ourselves. We will require you to provide us with some bank details in order to set up the Direct Debit function but once we have processed these, they will be destroyed.

How do I go about setting this function up?
If you’re a new customer you can set up your direct debit when you register for your account, or otherwise just give us a call and we’ll send you a direct debit mandate, then once you receive it, simply fill in the required details and either leave it out for your roundsman to pick up or post it to us.

We want to put the convenience back into YOUR life!