You will find most of this information in more detail throughout the rest of our site, but just for convenience here is a quick FAQ page to settle any throbbing questions you may have!


Isn’t it expensive?

Not at all! You can have a pint of milk delivered to your doorstep for just 71p with Luckett’s Dairy! Now compare that against other “leading” milk delivery services who charge an unbelievable 80p+ per pint and you have to know you are on to a winner! We do not charge for delivery so you just pay for the item, even if you want just half a dozen Free Range Large Eggs.

How do I pay?

Payment couldn’t be simpler! Since you are already on our website I can safely assume you are computer savy 😉 So why not pay via our website? Simply sign up using the “login / signup” picture in the center of the home screen, fill in your details and within a matter of hours you will be free to see and pay your bills whenever and wherever you like. Just so you don’t forget about us, you will receive an email at the start of each new month with an itemized bill for the month previous. Luckett’s Dairy reserve the right to refuse any customer a monthly account and may insist on weekly, fortnightly or direct debit collection.

Can’t be bothered with the hassle of remembering to pay? Why not sign up for our direct debit facility, you will receive the same itemised bill as our monthly customers, but the beauty is, you wont have to lift a finger. Just check through your invoice and make sure you are happy with what you have been billed and five working days later the amount on the invoice is requested from your account. EASY!

Will my price increase?

We have just recently supported a further small increase to our farmers. This is the 5th increase we have given the farmers this year alone, yet we have only increased our customers prices once, and by a very small amount (just 2p in the last 18 months) We do our level best to ensure that our farmers and proccessors receive the best possible price whilst keeping our price to you competetive with supermarkets and other delivery services. As you will see from a quick look on google, we are one of the cheapest companies to be delivering your milk (and we are also the best).

Where does it come from?

Cotteswold Dairy is our supplier and they couldn’t come with higher recommendation. The milk they produce is second to none and the service is impeccable. Operating out of Tewkesbury, Cotteswold Dairy are a national producer and distributor. Just visit their website! www.cotteswold-dairy.co.uk

What other items do you sell?

What don’t we sell more like? Since you are on our website just take a look under our “products” section. But just for now we sell, locally produced eggs, lemonade & coke, dandelion and burdock, water (still & carbonated), Royal mixers (tonic etc), Alpro, potatoes and much much more!

What time will you deliver?

That depends where you are located. Unfortunately we are unable to give a specific delivery time but we do endeavor to have your order on your doorstep BEFORE 8am. In most cases we deliver far earlier (we start at 1am!!). If you require delivery before a certain time, please contact the office and they will do their best to assist you.

Can I leave a note?

Of course you can leave a note for your milkman. Notes have been the cornerstone of having a milkman for years and we don’t intend to change that! All our staff carry a torch and take extra care to notice and pick up any notes left behind. They always carry extra stock so if you find yourself running out of anything don’t hesitate to ask! Alternatively with our online system you can log in and change your orders anywhere up to midnight for the next day and guarantee it will be waiting for you.

What if I am going on holiday?

Book it via the website. You are able to put a holiday onto your account with a stop and start date. Please note that your stop date is inclusive and your start date is the date you would like deliveries to begin from. Alternatively give us a call and we can assist you.

What if I have too much or too little milk?

Our roundsmen carry some spares so if you do think you are going to be short just ask for more! Our guys will do their utmost to make sure you get the order you want right there and then. (Some specialist items are subject to a lead time such as organic, for these please allow two days for delivery.)

I have forgotten my password, what do i do?

Fear not, the password reset procedure is quite simple. We have however created a video to help you on your way! 🙂


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